AUGUST 6 • 1 - 7 PM

One of the core values that I believe is essential for the growth and wellbeing of a parish community Is to intentionally seek to create a caring connected community. There are a number of ways that this can occur. Certainly the Sunday experience has elements of this, especially when there is hospitality. There are a number of events that the Parish Life Commission supports and initiates to help foster a sense of community. From the earliest days of Saint Mary there was the annual parish picnic, the chicken dinners, and for many years the Pork and Corn Roast to name a few. These events not only served as a way to engage Saint Mary parishioners but to include the larger community, as well as family and friends. In later years there was Harvest Fest and this year we have Country Fest. These events always included a fund raising component to help insure that the parish ministries will have adequate funding. My hope is that moving this event back to summer may make it possible for more families to attend while honoring some of the traditions of the past. I also hope that Country Fest may help to bring families closer together and all for an affordable cost. We pray the Lord may bless us with good weather and that a great sense of hospitality and welcome may prevail. I look forward to seeing you at the event.

Fr. Jerry Jacob, Pastor

Please see our Country Fest page for further details on the event.


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Our Blessed Mother responded to God's call with a clear and unhesitating yes. Let it be done to me according to Your will (Luke 1:38). We, the people of St. Mary of the Annunciation, are called by God, as His humble servants, to respond with our own yes. Like Mary, we do not fully understand what God's call means, but we know that through our yes, we give witness to the joy of the Gospel, as with complete trust, we follow wherever God may lead us.

We are one body in Christ with many diverse parts, called to discern our personal gifts and respond with absolute commitment to God's call to holiness in our lives. As one family with many varied gifts and callings, we seek to grow ever deeper in our own relationship with Christ. Recognizing that we have been richly blessed, we are called to return those gifts to the Lord by serving his people, bringing the light of Christ to the world beyond our parish campus, particularly to those in greatest need. To realize this calling, we must allow our shared faith, the common thread that binds the patchwork of diversity among our parish family, to unite us and inspire us to truly live as men and women for others.

If the long and storied history of our parish holds any lesson for us today, it is that when we heed the words of the Angel Gabriel that nothing is impossible with God, we too can accomplish things that once seemed impossible. Building on this heritage and upon the firm foundation of our vibrant ministries, our beautiful and prayerful liturgies, and our mission and outreach opportunities, we will work to engage all generations and reach out to the lost and those who have left the Lord's table, adapting the ways we communicate and meeting people where they are on their faith journeys. Inspired by our patron, Mary of the Annunciation, we will strive at all times and in all ways to become an ever more vibrant community, rooted in the Eucharist as the source and summit of our lives, and ready, as one family of faith, to say yes to God's call.