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    Sacristans care for and put in place the items needed for the liturgy so that the ministers and assembly may properly and prayerfully celebrate the Eucharist, sacraments, and opportunities of prayer in a reverent and orderly manner. These include the books, vessels, linens, and supplies needed for worship.


    Greeters personally welcome those who come to worship, recognizing the presence of Christ in those they greet. They may also assist in distributing worship aids as needed.Ushers welcome the stranger and friend, help people find seats in church, take up the collection and coordinate the presentation of the wine and bread, direct the Communion processions, and straighten the church after mass. Ushers also keep an eye out for anyone in need of assistance and are knowledgeable about the church building, its facilities, and emergency procedures.

  • Altar servers

    Altar Servers are trained to assist at the celebration of the Eucharist, including weekend masses, funerals, and weddings. This ministry is open to all students in grades 4 - 8 as well as all interested teens and adults.

  • lectors

    Lectors are trained and appointed to effectively proclaim the Scriptures at public worship. Through their proclamation, God's Word comes alive and motivates the community to live and to spread the Gospel.

  • Extraordinary ministers of the eucharist

    Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist are trained and formally mandated to assist in the distribution of Holy Communion under both forms at the Eucharistic Liturgy.