Art & Architecture - St. Mary of the Annunciation Parish

The information on this page is to share the artistic expressions and design elements of the church at St. Mary of the Annunciation which was dedicated on April 14, 2002.

Pastor Fr. Ron Lewinski, who lead the building of the new church, understood that a church building, as a place to praise God, celebrate our salvation, and inspire active disciples, is greatly enhanced through beautiful art. St. Mary’s Church is a living testimony to his vision, from the symbolism embedded into its architectural design to the many pieces of art spread throughout the worship space.

Art has the power to move our hearts, minds and souls. From the hand-carved Italian statues, to African tapestries, and the beautiful tabernacle from Madrid, St. Mary displays number pieces of fine art throughout the parish campus that help to inspire us to live our faith more completely. Find more about the art at St. Mary by scrolling below.

New Mary and Gabriel Statue

The newest addition to the collection of art at St. Mary is a bronze statue depicting the Annunciation by sculptor Timothy Schmalz. A statue of Mary and Gabriel for the plaza by the main entrance, to celebrate Mary and her “yes” to God, had always been part of the original plan when our church was designed and dedicated in 2002. In the Fall of 2023 St. Mary finally announced plans to commission and install the statue by the main entrance.

The artist has a few important ideas he would like to share about his creation. Mary will stand at eye level so that we may gaze into her face and directly engage with her as she ponders the amazing and bewildering thing God is asking of her. And Mary looks straight ahead as she feels the presence of Gabriel although she cannot see him. Her face reflects her shock and wonder. Hear more about vision for the statue directly from the artist by clicking the video link in the following section.

We anticipate installation and dedication of our Annunciation statue to take place in September 2024. The continued support and prayers from parishioners are much appreciated. If you would like to contribute toward the statue you may still do so using the GiveCentral button below.

About the Sculptor – Timothy Schmalz

World-renowned sculptor Timothy Schmalz has created the original bronze statue depicting the Annunciation for St. Mary. Tim Schmalz’s works are installed at churches and institutions around the world. Among his best known pieces are “Homeless Jesus” and “Angels Unawares”. Homeless Jesus is now installed in hundreds of locations around the world, including the Vatican gardens and Catholic Charities in Chicago. Angels Unawares has been installed in St. Peter’s Square by Pope Francis.

To learn more about Timothy Schmalz and see many examples of his work at his website by clicking the button below.

Also shared below is a link to a video in which Timothy Schmalz shares the vision that shaped his depiction of Mary and Gabriel in the statue. Use the button below to watch the video.

Art & Architecture of St. Mary of the Annunciation Parish

More information about the many beautiful works of art at St. Mary coming soon.