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People often don’t look forward to Lent. Words like “sacrifice,” “discipline,” and “self-denial” are often used in ways that suggest that Lent is something to be endured rather than a time of grace and spiritual growth. Imagine for a minute that this Lent is going to be different than any other Lent. Imagine that God wants to transform our lives and that something wonderful is about to happen! With an openness to God’s grace and a desire to receive it, Lent will no longer feel like a burden, but rather a blessing. Below are some ideas and resources to open your heart and bring you closer to God this Lenten season. Read more at Loyola Press  – Lent Through the Lens of Grace

Lent Frequently Asked Questions by Joe Paprocki

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Ash Wednesday is 46 days before Easter Sunday and one of the most widely observed holy days on the liturgical calendar. No reservation is required to attend. Read more about Ash Wednesday

Click here to watch What is Ash Wednesday?

Join the St. Mary community for an evening of inspiring music, contemplative prayer and silent reflection focused on the Lenten themes of preparation, journey and transformation. Allow the evening to be exactly what you need to prepare Holy Week. All are welcome!

Offered each Friday at 5:30 pm in the main church.  Virtual stations are also available using the links below.
Click for recorded Stations with Fr. Don Cambe.
Stations of the Cross booklet

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered Saturdays from 4:00 – 4:40. Confessional is location inside the main church, and always by appointment by calling the parish office. Please note there are no confessions during Holy Week.

The point of fasting is to cultivate the inner life. This year, don’t just give something up! There is also great value in doing something new for Lent. It’s the perfect time to form habits that extend beyond the 40 days of Lent. Click the image to explore some new ideas!

Participate in CRS Rice Bowl, a faith-in-action program that invites us to encounter the needs of the world. Rice bowls available in the narthex and will be collected after Easter or Give online this year at CRS.org

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Maryknoll Lenten Guides

Jesus challenged those around him to see differently. Lent is the opportunity to open our eyes, broaden our horizons, and dare to envision a world transformed by God’s love. These weekly reflection Guides from Maryknoll Fathers will take you through a process to reflect on your life and the world around you through the lens of the Gospel. Click here to download the reflection guide.

Living Lent Daily

This e-mail series delivers daily reflections based on the Scriptures of Lent, to prepare your heart for a new journey to Easter. The messages also include suggestions for further exploration of Lenten themes through additional online articles and prayers. Click here to receive the daily e-mails.

Best Lent Ever

This year for the first time there are TWO options for BEST LENT EVER. Every day, you will receive two short, practical and inspiring videos in your inbox. Path 1 is The Generosity Habit. Path 2 is Difficult Teachings. Each represents a pathway toward a better version of you and closer relationship with God. Click here to sign up for Best Lent Ever.

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Journey Through Lent

Register for the FREE Lenten streaming series, led by Scott Hahn, featuring faith-inspiring talks on Confession, prayer, the Eucharist, and knowing the Gospel. Watch for free beginning Ash Wednesday, March 2. Get to the roots of our faith this Lent—sign up now!

3 Week Prayer Guide

In this 3-week prayer guide offered through World Vision guides you through the prayer practice, Infinitum (Latin for Boundless) to help center your mind and body during prayer using simple physical postures of Surrender, Generosity, and Mission. Click here to learn more and download the prayer guide.

Bellarmine Retreat House

A weekend retreat at Bellarmine is a special time to invite silence into your soul and to rest in quiet communion with God. A variety of retreat options are available for men, women and teens. Click here  to visit the Bellarmine retreat house website for retreat dates.

A Life Changing Lent

If a 40-day commitment just doesn’t seem to inspire us this year, maybe we can take Lent one week at a time. Spend six weeks exploring a variety of ways that God might be calling us — through the Gospels — to sacrifice, to pray and to give. Click here for A Life Changing Lent, One Week at a Time.

Lent in 3 Minutes with Busted Halo

What is Lent all about? Why do Christians receive ashes on Ash Wednesday? Why 40 days? Busted Halo explains the significance of this season of prayer, fasting, and giving, and how you can make the most of this time of repentance and renewal. Watch the Busted Halo video Lent in 3 Minutes

7 Ways to Practice Lent

Return to God this Lent with your whole heart, and you will find him gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and rich in kindness. 7 Ways to Practice Lent explores seven Lenten practices and offers background on each tradition and coordinating activities. Download free eBook.