The Ministries of St. Mary

St. Mary Parish has more than 60 ministries that support the work and life of the community. All the ministries of our parish fall under four parishioner-led Commissions with staff liaison support. We invite you to browse through the ministries detailed below and prayerful consider the ways you would like to be involved in the life of our parish. We welcome you to join us in faithful stewardship, giving back to the community with the gift of time, talent and treasure.
Share your gifts for the life of the community. As you consider the various ways you can be involved in the life of our parish, we hope you will see this as an invitation to faithful stewardship. While the focus of a steward is sharing his/her gifts with others, there is a wonderful benefit of inner peace and grace that every good steward experiences. Our commitment to good stewardship is a witness to what we value, not leaving our support of parish ministries and services to chance. May we continue to pray, work and serve together to build up the body of Christ and further the reign of God.

Human Concerns

The Human Concerns Commission promotes the word and manifests the love of Jesus Christ by helping those who are in need, following that principle that “whatever you do to the lest of my people, you do unto me.” (Matthew 25:40)

Parish Life

The Parish Life Commission build and fosters a warm, welcoming community that encourages and inspires everyone to utilize their spiritual gifts in parish ministries, activities and events.

Faith Formation

The Faith Formation Commission promotes learning and spiritual development for parishioners of all ages, at all points in their faith journey. This commission supports and unifies the Faith Formation Ministries as they contribute to the great vision of the parish.



The worship Commission fosters the liturgical life of its community. Our mission is to create an environment of full, conscious, and active participation that provides a vibrant worship experience for all, that is rooted in the Eucharist and the liturgical life of the Catholic Church.

In prayerful thanksgiving for the many blessings received from God, please consider the ways in which God may be calling you to share your gifts.