Preparing for Infant Baptism

Baptism is not a small thing. Using symbols of water, oil, and fire, Baptism is a powerful sacrament that washes away original sin and its effects. It gives us a new identity, connects us to a new community of believers, initiates us into a new way of living, and provides a clear mission in life. Baptism has meaning on many levels.

Baptism is a sacrament of initiation, cleansing, strengthening, and welcoming. It welcomes us into the community of Christian believers. It offers us a new life in which we become the adopted children of God, followers of Christ, and temples in which the Holy Spirit dwells. Baptism leaves a permanent spiritual mark on our soul that makes us holy and opens us to salvation and eternal life with God. As each new member is welcomed the Church rejoices because we have once again celebrated the mysteries of God’s love for us and of our salvation.

Upcoming Baptismal Preparation Sessions

The Baptism of a child is a significant moment in the life of a Christian family. Parents are expected to participate in a Baptismal Preparation session that helps them to better integrate the new birth and the change this initiates in family life into their spiritual lives. Because infant Baptism relies upon the parents’ commitment of faith, the Baptismal preparation is geared to stirring up the faith of parents so that they can celebrate the Baptism of their child with joy and a mature awareness of what is expected of them as Christian parents. Sessions are designed to welcome both first time parents led married couples are trained to facilitate.

Due to the pandemic we have temporarily suspended in person preparation for baptism. We hope to resume in person preparation soon.

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