The “Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion” or EMHC serves only when there is an insufficient number of priests or deacons to distribute the Eucharist. Any Confirmed Catholic person in good standing with the Catholic Church, high school age and above as well as a person who shows a sincere love of the Eucharist and a genuine desire to serve the community are invited to be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

What Training is Needed?

The EMHC candidate attends a workshop (held throughout the year at training sites that are announced regularly).

  • The workshop is held on a rotational basis among different parishes including our own.
  • The EMHC candidate will need to attend this workshop in order to receive a mandation from the archdiocese.

A second training is conducted by the EMHC coordinator.

  • Hands-on and in- house training
  • Familiarizes the EMHC candidate with the specific details of the ministry in our parish.

If they want to be EMHC also for the homebound or those in nursing homes, a background check, as well as additional training, is required.

What are the responsibilities of an EMHC?

The EMHC candidate takes on the ministry of giving the Body and Blood of our Lord to the community in a spirit of utmost care and reverence. The EMHC is expected to strive to be a worthy minister with a special devotion to the Eucharist.

Who schedules the EMHC for Masses?

The EMHC Coordinators send out the schedule of EMHCs for the weekend Masses. Special sign-ups are held for Christmas, Holy Week and Easter liturgies. Schedules are sent quarterly by e-mail as well as hard copies are left in the sacristy (same location you sign in for your Mass assignment) to pick up.

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