The Eucharistic Adoration Ministry is a community of parishioners committed to fostering a solid understanding of love for the Holy Eucharist. The Eucharistic Adoration Ministry schedules and organizes periods of Eucharistic adoration on the second Tuesday of each month from 8:30AM to 8:30PM in the Eucharistic Chapel.

Exciting Eucharistic Adoration News!

This coming November, St. Mary of the Annunciation will be one of 37 parishes participating in the Vicariate I Pilgrimage of a Visiting Monstrance blessed by St. John Paul II. The purpose of the Pilgrimage across the parishes of Vicariate I is to make known the love for the Eucharistic Lord and support for the priests who make it possible to adore. The pilgrimage of the Monstrance is sponsored by the St. John Paul II Eucharistic Adoration Association of the Chicago Archdiocese together with support of Auxiliary Bishop Rojas. Each participating parish will have an opportunity to host a day-long Holy Hour in the presence of the Monstrance with prayer intentions for priests and vocations. The pilgrimage of the Monstrance began in September 2019 and will be at St. Mary of the Annunciation on November 12, the second Tuesday of the month. It is hoped this initial Pilgrimage will be successful and be continued with the other Vicariates and parishes across the Archdiocese of Chicago.
The Monstrance was blessed by St. John Paul II from his hospital bed on March 2, 2005 and was among the final items to receive a papal blessing in the weeks before his death. The vessel was consecrated specifically to promote Eucharistic Adoration, prayer for priests, and vocations. The mission of the Eucharistic Adoration Association is to assist with establishment of Eucharistic Adoration programs in parishes and encourage the faithful in the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The purpose of the Pilgrimage is to bring attention to the Holy Hour for priests and religious vocations. Without our priests we have no Eucharist. Our priests are the “border walkers” between Heaven and earth as they bring the sacraments to the Mystical Body of Christ. Th
We are grateful to Bishop Rojas, the Eucharistic Adoration Association and Fr. Jerry for the opportunity to participate in the Pilgrimage of this beautiful blessed Monstrance. Please plan to join us for a Holy Hour on November 12th. More details will follow in the days leading up to this exciting event.

To learn more about the Visiting Monstrance, visit the St. John Paul II Eucharistic Adoration Association of the Archdiocese of Chicago website:
More information about the Visiting Monstrance Pilgrimage with schedule of parishes can also be found at the Vicariate I website:

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