We are filled with great gratitude for to the very generous response of St. Mary parishioners to the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign, which began in late 2016. The campaign exceeded our $2.35 million goal and the results continue to grow as payments are received.

Through 6/30/2023, $2,863,758 has been pledged by 589 families!
So far $2,594,605 (91% of pledges) has been collected.

We are extremely grateful to all those who have been so generous. Your sacrifices have enabled us to address our obligations from the past and to move boldly into the future as we address new needs. We cannot say thank you enough. We would not have been able to achieve any of these remarkable and important goals without the generous commitment of our parishioners to the campaign!  As TTWCI fund raising moves towards completion, we look forward to completing the remaining projects funded by the generosity of our parishioners to this campaign.

We also thank the dozens of parishioners who served on the campaign committee and worked so very hard to make To Teach Who Christ Is a success. If you wish to contribute to the campaign, please click on the button below.

Campaign Information

In addition to supporting important ministries in the Archdiocese of Chicago and in its parishes, this archdiocesan-wide campaign has produced many benefits for St. Mary of the Annunciation. So far, TTWCI has enabled St. Mary to retire our $4.8m construction debt (when combined with a matching program from the Archdiocese), repave our main parking lots, replace the lighting in the parking lots and soccer field with LEDs, upgrade the lighting in the church to energy-saving LEDs, improve our exterior lighting, and perform major renovations of several of HVAC units as well. We are now working towards completing other items from the TTWCI campaign vision, including: paving the parking lot at the Education Center, improvements at the Little Church (upstairs and down), renovating the kitchen in Diantha Hall, replacing our obsolete phone and sound systems, and installing a new entrance sign. On-going gifts to the campaign are very important towards reaching these remaining goals.